First-Rate Beer System Installation

Restaurant owners and craft beer enthusiasts turn to Kane's Draft Service, Inc. in Keystone Heights, Florida, for top-of-the-line draft beer system installation. We specialize in repairs, installations, maintenance, and parts replacement for all types of wine and beer systems. Cost of installation depends on the kind of service you are getting. Get in touch with us now for a free estimate. All systems are warrantied for one year from time of installation.

Fast Turnaround Time

Turnaround time depends on the amount of work needed to install the beer system at your location. Installations from front to back usually take anywhere from eight to 20 hours.

Beer Taps - Beer System


At Kane's Draft Service, Inc., we work off the customer’s time schedule. Call us, and we go out to your location to do field measurements and see what kind of beer towers best suit your needs. We have a  wide range of beer towers, from porcelain to stainless and cast iron pipe towers. Once you have decided on what beer towers you'd like to get, a 50% down payment is required. We accept all major credit cards. Your orders will be delivered in 15 days.

Cool Designs

From basic stainless beer towers to hipster-looking ones, we've got you covered. We keep abreast of the current trends in craft beer and draft beer systems to offer you the best and most advanced equipment in the market.


For years, we have been helping restaurants and bars keep the cost of dispensing beer as low as possible. This means more profit for you. Some of our loyal clients include the Miller's Ale House, the Darden Restaurant Group, and other major chain restaurants in the state of Florida.


You are in good hands with our skilled technicians who are Perlick™-certified as well as micromatic certified. We also have a factory-trained HVAC beer specialist who is very knowledgeable when it comes to glycol systems.

Wine Systems

Also offered by our company is a full line of wine systems and wine cleaning supplies. We install and repair all makes and models. Call us for more details!

Contact us in Keystone Heights, Florida, for commercial and residential beer systems installation and repair.